We’re thrilled to announce a partnership between TheFlamingo.Club and the Music Workflow Academy led by DJ Omar Meho.
Omar used to tour the world as a DJ before the pandemic hit and now, he teaches thousands of students across the globe with his online music tutoring enterprise, Music Workflow Academy.
When TheFlamingo.Club team heard of his story and how he is helping DJs bring their own dreams to life in the digital landscape we knew it would make good sense to join forces. Together the Music workflow academy and TheFlamingo.Club will bring DJs more opportunities to live-stream in a more innovative way and make a name for themselves as a DJ in this new clubbing environment.
Omar’s DJ students will have the chance to prove themselves in front of a real, live audience. A great opportunity to build confidence and grow skills as a DJ.
We welcome the Music Workflow Academy to the family and look forward to watching this partnership grow and develop for exciting times ahead.
Welcome to the family, Music Workflow Academy! 🎉

For more information check out https://musicworkflowacademy.com/ and @musicworkflowacademy on Instagram