For the safety and security of our members The Flamingo Club is closely monitored using security attendants known as ‘the bouncers’.

‘The bouncers’ form part of the security team at this new online nightclub and are responsible for both the surveillance of the club and controlling the crowds. They are employed to enforce The Flamingo Club policies and procedures and to prevent troublemakers and other disorderly people from entering the venue.

Their duties are to administer the dress code, check legal age, to refuse entry for unwanted persons, and to deal with non-compliance with establishment rules.

Bouncers should be treated with respect and not argued with; after all, they control who gets into the club. They may deny entry and membership to anybody at their discretion and reserve the right to remove people from the club or refuse their entry.

The shared enjoyment of The Flamingo Club by all of its members is paramount to the club’s existence. The Flamingo Club operates a bullying and harassment procedure that holds zero tolerance to any behaviour that makes anyone feel intimidated or offended.

If you experience or witness any behaviour that makes you feel uncomfortable in the club then please contact us by sending an e-mail to rulesofconduct@theflamingo.club. The incident will then be investigated by a member of our team.

If you are a member yourself, respect the club’s rules of conduct and embrace the guidance given. If the bouncers refuse you entry or remove you, accept this and leave without causing a scene. Only the brave attempt re-entry.