DJ Tips and Tricks

Before you go live in The Flamingo Club, we recommend you put some thought into your DJ set-up. Think about how you want to get noticed. Think about how you are going to get people to listen to and share your live streams?
It doesn’t matter if you do not have a professional studio set-up at home or you are on a tight budget. Think about what you can do with what you do have to represent your style and deliver your vibe to a live audience – to not only mix great records but to entertain!

Adding Additional Cameras

It is important to get your sets looking visually stimulating and interesting. Think about what angle you are going to film from? Positioning-wise, it’s always a good thing to make sure your viewers get to see the decks, your set up and what you are doing.

Another way to add more appeal to your stream is by using multiple cameras. By adding additional cameras, you can switch between different angles which can give the audience some extra insight into what you’re doing and it can really make a difference to the visual aspect of your set.

Preferably, each additional camera should be on some kind of stand or tripod to get a good view of your performance. Keeping the camera still always makes better quality footage too.
It would be ideal if you can have one camera to capture your full set up, one that shows your face (eye contact with your viewers could be important to you – for you to feel connected to your viewers) and a third closest to your mixer so the audience can capture your mixing technique.

Using a Microphone and The Flamingo Club Chat Feature

If you’ve never spoken during a set before, now is the time to consider picking up the mic. Live streaming is very different to a live set in an actual nightclub so whether it’s saying hello to a follower or giving some detail about what you’re playing know that your viewers will appreciate it. Ask your viewers questions and start a conversation.

First and foremost, engaging with your audience means your viewers will know that you truly are performing live. Interaction with your watchers will also make them feel part of your set, and therefore, are more likely to stay tuned in and follow you.

You should give some consideration to how you can create connections between you and your viewers through your microphone.
There are lots of good reasons why you should communicate with your audience. It can give some real character to your stream, both in your music style and your personality so give it some serious thought.

The chat feature is also a good mechanism to welcome new viewers to your set and to thank your viewers for being there. Post a welcome message in the chat and give an introduction to your set. You can then use the mic to comment on what people are saying on the chat feature. Do shoutouts and give your viewers the power to influence for example tell your fans to “type in the word SPIN if you want me to play this and that”.

You could ask them where they are watching from? Ask your viewers to send you photos on social media tagging you.


The lighting should be in line with your style. What lighting style do you want? Light, dark or natural light? Whether it be a cheap disco ball, a spotlight or a projector they can all be highly effective with minimal setup to help your stream stand out.

You could also consider using a green screen. It’s an easy colour to remove and replace with a different kind of backdrop image you can find online.


It is sometimes a good idea to introduce some props to enhance your performance. You can make the most of any hardware you’ve got by positioning it in the background to your set or add some quirky items for intrigue.

You could even introduce a flamingo in your shot!?!

Dress Code

As a performer in The Flamingo Club, you will be the centre of attention. Style is an attitude and we certainly encourage you to express your individuality and originality. A funky shirt or a peculiar hat can make a real impact to the crowd watching you. Your image is your personal brand… what do you want that to say?

Promote your Live Stream on Social Media

Make social media posts in advance, just before, while going live and, not forgetting, after to create and gain more viewers for your next live stream!

You could briefly go live on social media ahead of your set to let your followers know that you will be going live in The Flamingo Club shortly and share links to The Flamingo Club to help advertise the stream and gain more viewers. Circulate what you’re going to do before you go live and how long you’ll be live for. This will help manage the expectations of your followers.

Invite your friends and you will see familiar faces in the crowd. You can also schedule social media posts to go out while you’re doing your actual live stream. Take photos and video clips from your set and use them to promote your next upcoming live show.

Accept you might have very few viewers at first, and that is ok! New members will be joining The Flamingo Club every day so take it as a practice run. Then, schedule your next live stream and focus on promoting it! Get creative and most importantly, have fun with it. And that’s it!