Dating online always needs a Dress Code

Dating online and socialising often means first impressions count

The Online Nightlife

Remember how good it feels to get by the bouncers after queuing for entry to a nightclub? Well, like any other nightclub, here it is mostly up to ‘The Bouncers’ of the club to decide who can enter.
What to wear on an online date at The Flamingo Club
When dating online it’s always a good idea to dress in a way that makes you comfortable but remembering that you should make an effort for first impressions. As a general rule to avoid disappointment on the night, no effort no entry!

When you are going out on a night on the town you always dress your best. Choosing a glamourous outfit and getting all dressed up is part of the excitement of going out. We may be an online nightclub, but we take pride in creating the same electrifying atmosphere as any other nightlife venue. Nothing will get you more in the mood for dating online or meeting friends than getting ready to look your best.

Style is an attitude and we certainly encourage wow-worthy style. We want you to be able to properly express your individuality and originality. Making statements and turning heads with fabulous party dressing is always welcome at The Flamingo Club.

What to wear on an online date at The Flamingo Club

TheFlamingo.Club is a uniquely themed virtual nightclub website developing as a new model for dating sites where social interactions and get togethers no longer need to feel awkward and difficult.

The club’s dress code is not overly restrictive. We would politely request that you be respectful of it and arrive dressed for the occasion. The Flamingo Club reserve the right to refuse entry to the venue on this basis. Don’t expect to get through the door if you don’t follow the code!

If you decide you want to party at The Flamingo Club please note that denim and trainers are permitted, though swimwear and gym wear are not.

Posting shirtless/topless/underwear mirror selfies or pornographic material is not allowed.

The self-portrait digital photograph that you upload should be taken within the last 3 months (ideally on the night). It MUST BE OF YOU and your face should be clearly visible.

The Bouncers

The Flamingo Club has as high standards as any other night club when it comes to decency, in both behaviour and dress. If you do not meet these standards, our dedicated team of bouncers will not hesitate to remove you from the club. Their word on the matter is final. Please note that there will be no issuing of refunds on refusal of entry due to the dress code.

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