Online Safety Advice

Having a safe online digital life is important for you to get the most from your online experiences. The Flamingo Club is committed to promoting its members’ safety. Both online and offline. Fortunately, there are steps everyone can take to make their online transactions and interactions more secure.

You should be cautious when interacting with someone you do not yet know and trust. Let’s take a look at some risky scenarios…

Your Personal Information

Keep the following suggestions for protecting your personal details in mind as you enjoy The Flamingo Club. They can help preserve your identity and save you from any nasty online surprises.

  • – Choose an anonymous username that does not include your name or any other identifying information. Remember that controversial usernames could attract the wrong type of attention. Does it convey the right tone?
  • – Perhaps the most basic thing that can be done to protect your security and identity online is to ensure that you use a strong password and do not share it with anyone else. In addition, never allow your internet browser to remember your member login credentials and we urge you to make sure you log out of your membership account after use. Take extra care when logging into your account from a shared computer.
  • – Keep personal identifying information private such as your name, home address, phone numbers, personal email addresses, URLs, places of work, credit/debit card numbers or other financial and banking information. Do not include such information in your profile or initial communications with others. You should establish trust with anyone before exchanging personal information with them. Only share information about your daily routine or your family once you are 100% confident that you know and trust the person you have met.
  • – This website makes your uploaded media available to its members and you will be invited to share content such as photographs, audios, videos or other media. You should exercise utmost caution when deciding what information, you disclose which may reveal further information about yourself. Some people volunteer excessive sensitive personal information that can give an inside look at their personal lives. With anything you post online, it is out there for everyone to see, so be careful with the identifiable information you share.
  • – All messages from other members to you are received through The Flamingo Club internal messaging system and not to the private email address which belongs to your registered account. Please ensure that your private email address or personal information do not feature in your profile. Similarly, do not publish them in a message to someone.
  • – Stop communicating with anyone who attempts to pressure you into providing your personal information too soon. If this happens please inform us immediately by sending an e-mail outlining the profile of concern to rulesofconduct@theflamingo.club to not only protect yourself but other members too.

When Meeting in Person

You should take particular caution when communicating with any stranger and take reasonable defences to ensure your safety when interacting with other members of The Flamingo Club. When it gets to the point that you are ready and want to meet up with someone you have met online for the first time face-to-face you should remember that they are still a stranger and consider the following words of safety advice.

  • – The Flamingo Club do not guarantee that any of the content provided through the services is true or reliable and you should not assume that the content contained in any profile is not misleading. A person may not be who they claim to be. You should be honest when creating your profile, you would not want to be misled so do not mislead anyone.
  • – The Flamingo Club is under no obligation to screen its members, conduct criminal background screenings of its members or attempt to verify the identity of its members. Membership at The Flamingo Club should not be interpreted as an approval or endorsement of a member’s behaviour by The Flamingo Club. A video call can be a useful screening method before meeting anyone in person.
  • – It is safest to meet up in a neutral location that will be populated with the general public and, ideally, you should try to remain in that place for the meeting. A public place that you know well is best. If you do not already know the place, go in advance to check it out. Do not go to their home, your home or any other private place. If the person you are meeting pressures you to go to a private location then cancel the meeting.
  • – Do not rely on your date for transport. Make your own travel arrangements, there and back, and do not feel pressured to go home with the person you have met. Have public transport information to hand, if required, and be mindful of the last departure times of the day. Avoid showing your date exactly where you live or work until you are confident you can trust them.
  • – Tell a trusted friend or family member about your plans. Tell them who you are meeting, where you are going and what time you expect to get home. If your plans change do not forget to tell them.
  • – Take care of your personal belongings and your mobile phone. Make sure your mobile phone is fully charged, working and has enough credit to make calls or receive calls, including emergency calls.
  • – Drink alcohol responsibly to remain in control and be aware of the effects of drugs and alcohol and how they can impair your judgement. Do not leave your food and drink unattended and it is good practice to only accept drinks served directly from the server. If you think it has been tampered with then do not consume it. Do not allow yourself to be put in a vulnerable position.
  • – Trust your instincts. If it doesn’t feel right, just politely disengage. In addition, respect that your date may have concerns or they may feel uncomfortable with you.
  • – We recommend you gradually learn more about each other over time, however, if you feel ready to move to a private environment, tell a trusted friend where you are going, stay connected and let them know when you get home safely.
  • – If you feel the meeting is not going so well and you feel uncomfortable then politely make your excuses and leave. Don’t concern yourself with your date being offended. If you feel unsafe do not hesitate to ask those around you for help.
  • – If you are communicating with someone who makes you feel uncomfortable then stop all interactions with them. If you encounter a member who has been rude or abusive towards you or you have concerns about a member demonstrating inappropriate or suspicious behaviour then do not hesitate to report them to The Flamingo Club. All offensive and threatening behaviour must be reported to The Flamingo Club immediately. Members can report other members to The Flamingo Club by visiting the member’s profile that they want to report, selecting the ‘Report User’ option, typing the report message regarding their behaviour and clicking the ‘Submit’ button. Then, the report will be sent. The concern will be investigated by The Flamingo Club team.
  • – No matter what the circumstances, any act of violence, abuse or sexual activity against your will is a crime and should be reported to your local police. Furthermore, there are many charities that can help and support you.

Scammers and Fraudsters

Sometimes, social networks, dating sites, and other internet services are targeted by scammers and you should take the following words of advice into consideration to help protect yourself against fraud and to ensure that you have the safest possible experience.

  • – Be careful who you trust online and think before you answer questions about your private life too early in any connection you make.
  • – Never click on links that you receive through messages or the one-on-one chat from people that you do not yet know and trust. In particular, do not click on links to other websites that are attempting to sell products or services.
  • – On no occasion give out your personal or financial information.
  • – Do not respond to requests for money or donations. Never ever send money to someone you have met online even if the person claims it to be an emergency. Be wary of anyone that requests financial help with urgent expenses at short notice. If someone does make a request for money report their profile to The Flamingo Club.
  • – Never accept offers of money. It is likely that your bank details or other financial information can be sought in this way.
  • – Watch out for and be cautious of any early declarations of love and do not be lured by someone trying to gain your trust quickly.
  • – Stop all correspondence with someone if you think they are being dishonest with you, they are ignoring your questions or they are making contradictory statements.
  • – Do not hesitate to block people you do not want to connect with. Members can block other members. Go to the member’s profile that you want to block, select the ‘Block User’ option and that member will be added to your list of blocked members.
  • – If you think that you have been persuaded by anyone to part with payment details, contact your bank immediately.
  • – If you believe you have been the victim of actual fraud, attempted fraud, threats or blackmail then report it by sending an e-mail outlining the concern to rulesofconduct@theflamingo.club.

Children and Young People

The Flamingo Club and its services are restricted to members who are 18 years of age or older (in some jurisdictions this age limit may be higher). We do not sell products or provide services for purchase by children, nor do we market to children. The Flamingo Club is not designed for, or intentionally targeted at, children, minors or anyone under the age of 18 years.
If you suspect or have become aware of a profile belonging to a child, minor or anyone under the age of 18 years that have registered with our website and/or services or they have otherwise provided us with personal information please inform us by sending an e-mail outlining the profile of concern to rulesofconduct@theflamingo.club.

Ultimately, you are responsible for your use of The Flamingo Club services and your own safety. When arranging through the Service to meet another person, you must take appropriate precautions and follow the guidelines we have provided on this page. We cannot control what actually happens at such meetings which are at your own risk and are not our responsibility.

We encourage members to report any inappropriate content or misconduct, and any abuses to the company by others as well as make any complaint. If you suspect or have become aware of something which you reasonably believe violates The Flamingo Club Terms and Conditions, The Flamingo Club Privacy and Cookies Policy or The Flamingo Club Rules of the Club, please inform us by sending an email outlining the abuse or complaint to rulesofconduct@theflamingo.club.